I can no longer be restricted by standard brushes.

So here is the thing.  I have been mixing line drawing and Photoshop texture for some time, but I never once made my own brushes.  This is tantamount to someone who enjoys pasta but never makes their own sauce.  Why wouldn't you just open up a can of Muir Glen diced tomaters and fry up some garlic?  It's hardly difficult and life will improve by 12% (actual statistic that I made up).

To make the brushes I scanned an assortment of textures.  I used crayon, graphite, and an ink brush.



Then I followed this tutorial from Smashing Magazine to make brushes for the background of this icon illustration.  


The story behind the project is that a tiny adorable person of my acquaintance is feeling a little nervous around dogs.  His folks have been assuring him that St. Michael will protect him from doggies with an angelic disapproving finger wag.  They required a "Bad Dog No Biscuit" icon for the kid's room.  Voila!