I heart "CMD + U" FOREVER.

Wheehee!  Skillbuilding season has begun!  

This is a glorious time (much like May in Chicago) which is identified by three defining characteristics: 

  1. All offspring are in school
  2. Enough sweet cash has been made by paying gigs to avoid a panic attack followed by the sucking shame spiral into an impenetrable dark abyss that comes free with any degree in the liberal/ fine arts.  
  3. A realization that life is short and the to-do list is achievable (once Netflix is disabled).

Behold!  The first new skill of the season:  Smart Guides


Ya'll I am a big dummy for not using Smart Guides (shortcut CMD +U) all the damn time.    Do you know how many times I have tried to eyeball the perfect placement of lines like a chump?  The tutorial I followed today was a great Illustrator refresher for any project that requires building complex shapes.   I highly recommend the blog Spoon Graphics
for any designer using the Adobe Creative suite.