Movie Pitch, in 12 comic panels

I have a knack for picking out successful adaptations.  My senior year of college I adapted the book "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire into a play and produced it for my senior thesis.  Two years later "Defying Gravity" was sung at the Tony Awards.  For one of my post-graduate classes I made a graphic novel based tv pitch to the Showtime network for a little show I called "Game of Thrones".  Ten years later Peter Dinklage picks up an Emmy Award. 

I have used this skill to my own benefit exactly no times.  However, my clever brother-in-law Toby (who is a writer) found a method of movie pitching that was right up my alley.

Behold:  12 Panel Pitch: Can you sell an idea for a feature film in a 12-Panel Comic?

This project had it's inception at the Center for Cartoon Studies, which was my dream school back in the day.  Check out the incredible story ideas and maybe even submit some of your own.  The deadline is December 13th!