Spooky Story

Ordinarily I post television comics on Thursday, but I actually didn't watch TV this week.  So instead, in honor of Halloween, I am offering this comic based on a scary true story.  

I made this years ago and I changed the names and faces of all the people involved.


When I was a little kid living in Albuquerque with my Mom, Dad, and baby sister we had an annual tradition of going to the church across the street for a midnight pancake breakfast.  We would get dressed way after bedtime and walk in the dark to the party.  My parents had recently purchased an alarm system (due to a series of neighborhood break-ins) and Mom made sure to turn the alarm on before we left the house.  

Once we arrived Mom realized she forgot her wallet. 


Mom walked back home in the dark.  Before she could open the front door she heard the phone ringing. 


There was a hallway in our house that pointed directly to the phone.  If the lights were off you could stand in the hallway and be completely invisible. 


My Mom, who is no dummy, dropped the phone and ran like hell back across the dark street and into the church full of people.  The priest (who was a family friend) called the cops. 


The moral of the story is this, trust your instincts and don't forget your cash at home!  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everybody!