The Pete Holmes Show!

Earlier this year I made a comic about two comedians Pete Holmes and Tommy Johnagin  chatting on Pete's show, "You Made It Weird" about the undeniable sexual power Ryan Gosling has on all humans, straight men included.  I sent these guys the comic as a fan.  I didn't expect anything.  I'm already getting a free podcast.

They could have ignored the comic but instead they did this:

Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png

I'm not gonna lie, my heart exploded with glee.  I danced around my living room like a damn loon and I am a grown-ass woman.  Mind you I had only been on Twitter for a month and I found the whole thing thrilling. 

Anywho, these guys shared the comic with their fans and Pete put the comic on his Facebook page resulting in me getting thousands of views.  I don't mean for a week, I mean for MONTHS.  I still get at least ten people a day.  It was really kind and I am grateful. 

The reason I mention it and am re-posting today is because of this news (ahem),

Pete Holmes is getting a TV show!

I'm gonna watch the hell out of his show.  Here is the comic:


As it turned out the Facebook post got tons of comments from Pete's fans (the weirdos).  So I made the FB comments into a companion comic.  
Why the hell not amiright?