Comic Friday- St. Georgia

Prolific illustrator Robin Boyden found a clever way to build both a community and a comic on his portfolio website.  He began an comic about a wanderer named St. Georgia who comes upon a mysterious cave.  "What's in the cave?" was the question and fans were encouraged to respond in the comments section.  

"The cave is home to a rare species of giant firefly." - Shaun Richens 
 "In the light stood a giant carved stone Moai head, like the ones of the Easter Island statues." - Natalie Hughes 

A few days later part 2 of the adventure was posted. 



Sometimes the fans interact directly with St. Georgia having their comments translated into word balloons.    Want to be in comics?  Just start reading (and writing) St. Georgia!

I love this idea and dabbled with it myself earlier this year.