TV Comics begin again. Get Some!

During the Spring TV season I made a comic every single time I watched TV.  I set this rule to curb my enthusiasm for sweet television crack.  Now that my stories are back I will post comics every Thursday.  

Wednesday is for TV and of course, Saturdays are for sleeping. 

I not only watched New Girl  this week...I bought a Hulu Plus subscription.  I feel so naughty. 


Nick Miller, you magnificent bastard.

If you haven't seen the latest episode of New Girl immediately go play a round of "True American" and watch the show with a good friend.  So as always, if you do not wish to be spoiled then do not scroll down.  For there be:





My purpose in making comics for every TV show I watch is so that I will spend as much time practicing drawing as I do embracing sweet delicious television.  I don't have time to revise every drawing to death because I have paying work that needs doing and a family that needs at least a modicum of my attention.   As a result I have mangled Jake Johnson's beautiful face.   I had no problem with Zooey Deschanel, that little pixy practically drew herself.