VisTablet Customer Service

Pro Tip:  Don't keep your trashcan next to your desk. 

Say you have a nifty graphic pen tablet given to you by a lovely spouse.  You wouldn't want the only pen that makes the tablet function to roll into the mine did. 

I went to and found a replacement pen under accessories.  The pen is not available on Amazon or at other third party vendors.  However, the VisTablet site had an accessories page with the required pen. All was well until checkout when my order was repeatedly rejected. 

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 9.53.53 AM.png

So I sent an email to customer service requesting help.   This is the remarkable bit, two minutes later I received a phone call from a man named Mike.  I couldn't hear him clearly but I believe he said he was a VP at VisTablet and wanted to know if he could help me out with the rejected order.

He suggested I might use Paypal or another card and said if that didn't work he would take my order over the phone.  He also gave me his phone number in case we got disconnected.  He chatted a bit with me about how they want to introduce a gallery of user art samples to their web page and his ideas about creating a contest with pro-level hardware for prizes.

I think the problem was with the brand of card I was using conflicted with their shopping cart.  The order went through with a different card.  It would be nice to have the preferred cards listed on the payment page, but I appreciated the extra customer service!