I've decided it's time to move my comics to a page dedicated to comic-y good times.  I have the new domain and everything!  However, I am still shopping for a new layout engine.  Between page building and a sudden influx of new work I am officially leasing a condo in Crazytown.

For now I will keep posting TV comics (and other comics) on this page, but at a slightly slower pace.  Thank you Cuthulu for the mid-season hiatus!

Speaking of comics, here's one.  It's about my cousin Kevin who is a world-traveling flight attendant.  Judging from his photos Kevin has visited corner of the Earth and enjoyed a frosty drink at each destination.

It is because of Kevin that when I fly I make it a rule to always please and thank you the crew.  I imagine that if I ever sassed Kevin on one of his flights I would get a complementary slap to the face with my free drink.   Kevin introduced me to this hilarious page about the Trials and Tribulations of a Regional Stewardess.

Two things you should know before reading this comic:

  1. Kevin would never slap a customer, though Jebus knows he's been tested.
  2. It's Kevin's birthday this week.    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!