Dr. Joanna

Years ago I made a series of comics interviewing friends and family asking how they would like to die given the option.  

I'm gearing up to revisit the series and assuage my mounting guilt about leaving a task unfinished.  Until then I am posting the original comics with a "Where Are They Now?" update.  Thankfully none of the participants have passed away in the intervening years, because that would be spooky and terrible!  Also, all subjects of my comics are not allowed to die unless extremely aged and surrounded by *loving relations or perhaps nubile concubines.

*Bedside attendants are subject to the individual's personal preference, no judgement.  

Dr. Joanna has spent the intervening years between her comic and this moment being fantastic.  She achieved tenure like a boss.  She has been asked to present papers in fancy places around the globe, like England, for the Queen I presume.  She also married an excellent Star Trek fan who is both a snappy dancer and a partner in his law firm.  They lost their dog Zeus and that is so very sad because he was a mountain of good dog.