Why I couldn't watch "The Following"

So, I have promised myself to make a comic whenever I watch a TV show.  Like all good and righteous people I enjoy Kevin Bacon, so of course I checked out "The Following" fully intending to draw James Purefoy (possibly as Mark Antony) with a raven on his head.  After finishing the pilot I had to shut it down, my laptop that is.  

Not because the show insists on quoting Poe as if he was divinely inspired, and certainly not due to the quality of the actors.  I can endure some clunky dialogue if the plot zwoops along with abandon.  My problem had nothing to do with quality.

This issue for me was that I have come to recognize when a show is tailor made to include finger torture.  I knew it when I watched the first episode of "Rome".  I crammed "Bound" back in it's Netflix envelope almost instantly.  I almost fled screaming from "Lost" as soon as they tied a guy to a chair with his hands free.  

So since I can't endure waiting for "The Following" to give me the dry heaves of terror I will not be making a comic out of that show.  In recompense I am offering this comic about why digit removal as a plot device squicks me out to the core of my being.