Business card tips

I recently reconnected with an old printer friend that I worked with for years when I was relatively new to the design business.  That meeting brought back memories of his long suffering sighs trying to explain to a baby designer that "black" was a relative term in the printing world. 

In case you are new to design, or just curious about the devil in the details of a print project here is an excellent overview of business card design / print production from Blog Spoon Graphics.  If you like the video give them a thumbs up. 

I once watched the nude scene in "The Meaning of Life" with my Dad. Never again.

While putting together a bid for a new infographic project I came across this comic/infographic I made one holiday while ruminating on how FREAKING tricky it is to square the TV tastes of all family members.  My Mom loves a Swedish murder mystery, my husband enjoys explosions and meta-nerd commentary, I enjoy vampire drag queen buddy rom-coms.  What shows will lead to popcorn and happy memories, and which will bring about blushing misery?

Here are my findings: