People love to see themselves in comics. 

Especially when their own stories are the subject.  I should know, I have been making personalized comics for years.  My pricing is pretty simple:  $35 a page.  Examples you say?  Why yes, I do have some examples!  

My client used this comic as a birthday gift for her sister. 
It was posted on Facebook and printed in a book.  
This comic cost $35 per page.

Short comics posted on Facebook/Twitter/etc as birthday gifts.
$35 each.


Would you like a comic?  
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Did I mention that the cost is $35 per page?  
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Who Are You? *
Who Are You?
Tell me what you would like to include in your comic. I am happy to chat with you, look at photos, and answer questions over email.
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When Do You Need It?
Digital Comic Options
I can deliver a digital comic to the specifications and dimensions required by your favorite social networking website.
Remember that I charge $35 per page. Though I am happy to discuss a reduced rate for larger jobs.

Still have questions?  Send me a message and I will help you out.